Children’s Programs

Our current programs for children...

Summer Learning Challenge 2024

Our Summer Learning Challenge is almost here! This year, we have a full calendar of programs for kids ages 0-18 to participate in. To complete the Challenge, kids must earn 1,000 points by reading and participating in programs. This isn’t just a reading challenge—participating in programs will also earn points toward the total.

Once the participant reaches 1,000 points, they earn a trip to Fun Station in Eldridge, IA. We have rented the facility for the prize winners. Only kids completing the Challenge will be able to participate at the Fun Station. Younger kids finishing the program will be invited to a party at the Family Museum with their family.

Sign up starts May 28th. Our annual Paint the Road is June 1st starting at 11am with a cookout and Painting the Road. We will be offering hotdogs & hamburgers cooked by the Cordova Fire Department. They will also be bringing a cool treat during the street painting.


Story Time in a Bag

Our Story Time in a Bag was developed during Covid. These resources are available to all.