Board Meeting Minutes – Jan 2024


Cordova District Library Board of Trustees Meeting

Alice Mason Room, Cordova District Library

January 11, 2024

Call to Order and Attendance

President Deines called the meeting to order at 9:05 a.m.

Trustees in Attendance: Deb Deines, Mark Barnes, Merredith Peterson, Deb Hart and Judy Bergren

Absent: Catherine DeBaillie, and Lois Case

Others in Attendance: Teresa Vesely, Cynthia Fornero, Karen Lonergan and Chalyn Fornero-Green.

Public comments


Decennial Local Government Efficiency Act Committee Meeting

Committee reviewed the proposed report. Trustee Barnes moved to approve report. Trustee Hart seconded. Motion passed with a voice vote. Karen will send the final report to Rock Island County.

Approval of Minutes of Regular Board Meeting

Trustee Hart made a motion to approve the minutes from December regular meeting and Trustee Peterson seconded. Motion passed with a voice vote.

Secretary’s Report


President’s Report


Treasurer’s Report:

  • Approval of bills
    Trustee Bergren made a motion to approve the bills from December as presented. Trustee Hart seconded. Motion passed with a voice vote.

  • Review of Fund Report
    • Ascentra CD #840-8001 was closed out. Trustee Peterson and Karen will research the best rate to deposit it.
    • Black Hawk State Bank CD #6092 remained at Black Hawk in a CD for 5% for 14 months.

Director’s Report

See attached.

Librarian’s Report

See attached.

Committee Reports




Trustee Barnes made a motion to approve the American Library Association Bill of Rights. Trustee Peterson seconded. A roll call vote was conducted:

Roll Call Vote (Y=Yea, N-=Nay and A=Absent):

Deb D – Y; Deb H – Y; Mark – Y; Merredith – Y; Judy – Y; Cathy – A; Lois – A

Building and Grounds-

  • Parking lot update—plans will be finalized with concrete as the surface choice, striping on the road for parking and keeping the retaining wall in its current position. The project will go out for bids in February with a late spring start date.

Unfinished Business-None

New Business

Trustees reiterated that the Director has discretion to close the library during inclement weather.


Trustee Bergren made a motion to adjourn at 10:22 a.m. Trustee Barnes seconded. Motion passed with a voice vote.

Next meeting:  Thursday, February 8, 2024 at 9:00 a.m.

Director’s Report

January 2024


The closet for Cordova Cares Closet arrived. Sofia put together and organized the it. We continue to get donations for it.



The shelving company is drawing up shop plans for our approval. Once those are approved, it will take around eight weeks to complete. GIVE TOUR OF PROPOSED CHANGE.

Librarian’s Report

December 2023

  • Programs
    • Story Time hosted 3 Story Times with 13 adults and 10 kids.
    • Crochet—met 4 times for 20 people.
    • Chair Yoga— exercised 12 times with 57 people.
    • Bingo had 25 adults, 3 kids and 4 teens
    • Make it Monday—14 people made décor for their doors with Cheryl Floming
    • Stained Glass—conducted 2 classes and 2 DYOT for a total of 12 participants.
    • Lunch & Learn—20 people ate lunch and learned about female pilots in the 1920s.
    • Book Sale—60 people contributed $380 to Riverdale’s Interact
    • Veterans Luncheon—we hosted 47 people for the annual Veterans Lunch
    • Mystery Luncheon—7 teens participated with 7 remaining to play cards
  • Collaboration
    • Reading to Riverdale—5 reading sessions seeing 320 students.
    • Teentober—72 people attended the event at the Putnam Museum
    • Outreach to Messiah Preschool—25 calendars to students.
  • Upcoming
    • December 18th—Make it Monday-Flower Arranging
    • December 19th—All Day Surface Design
    • December 20th—Teen Uno Tournament
    • December 25th—Library Closed for Christmas
    • December 26th—Do Your Own Thing
    • December 27th—Fold Newsletter
    • December 29th—Noon Year’s Eve
    • January 1st—Library Closed
    • January 11th—Library Board Meeting