Board Meeting Minutes December 2022

Cordova District Library Board of Trustees Meeting
Alice Mason Room, Cordova District Library
December 8, 2022

Call to Order and Attendance
President Deb Deines called the meeting to order at 9:07 a.m.
Trustees in Attendance: Mark Barnes, Judy Bergren, Lois Case, Deb Deines and Merredith
Absent: Catherine DeBaillie and Deb Hart
Others in Attendance: Karen Lonergan and Chalyn Fornero-Green.
Public comments
Approval of Minutes of Regular Board Meeting
Trustee Peterson made a motion to approve the minutes from November regular meeting
and Trustee Bergren seconded. Motion passed with a voice vote.
Secretary’s Report
Thank you notes were read from the families of Donna Green and Catherine Eversoll.

President’s Report

Treasurer’s Report:
➢ Approval of bills
Trustee Barnes made a motion to approve the bills from November as
presented. Trustee Bergren seconded. Motion passed with a voice vote.
➢ Review of Fund Report
It was noted that Karen and Merredith are researching best rates for the
CDs that are maturing.

Director’s Report
See attached.

Librarian’s Report
See attached.

Committee Reports
Building and Grounds – Trustee Bergren reported that the next projects will
include new carpeting and moveable book shelves.
Unfinished Business
Trustee Case made a motion that Cordova District Library approve and sign Ancel Glink
Conflict Waiver. Trustee Barnes seconded. A roll call vote was conducted:
Roll Call Vote (Y=Yea, N-=Nay and A=Absent):
Deb D – Y; Deb H – A; Mark – Y; Merredith – Y; Judy – Y; Cathy – A; Lois – Y
Trustees reviewed a draft of the Transfer of Territory Ordinance.
New Business
Board members discussed the request from the Baptist Church to post the time change
for the Christmas Eve Service on our LED sign as a service to the community.

Trustee Bergren made a motion to adjourn at 9:41 a.m. Trustee Peterson seconded.
Motion passed with a voice vote.
Next meeting: Thursday January 12, 2023 at 9:00 a.m.

Director’s Report
December 2022

We are on track to complete the transfer of property in 2023. Ancel Glink did not
charge us for any hours in November – including attending our board meeting.
Strada technicians finished running the exterior fiber optic lines to the library
which means we are ready for full installation once Strada is ready. They are giving
us the residential rate of $95.99 per month for internet service. We are looking
into using Strada for our phone service as well. Our current phone service costs
$290.00. This includes one dedicated fax line and two phone lines. Strada is
charging $18/phone line. There may be an added charge to maintain a dedicated
fax line and/or an upfront cost of an adaptor. The tech will evaluate our current
system when they are here for installation. Even though Mediacom is free, we
could end up saving money in the long run.
Baker & Taylor is our main book supplier. They had a major security breach and
shut down for almost three weeks. They opened up for about a week and shut
down again for several days. During the shutdowns, we reached out to another
book supplier, Ingram. We completed the application and online training and our
now official Ingram clients. We will gradually move most of our business to Ingram.
We will keep our Baker & Taylor account for now as that allows us to have access
to greater inventory. The prices are competitive. Ingram’s site is far more user
We are waiting to hear back from Dawn about which pictures are her favorites.
Once she makes her choice, we will determine the best frame size and go from
Librarian’s Report
December 2022
➢ Programs
o Story Time hosted 2 Story Times with 14 adults and 16 kids.
o Crochet—met 5 times for 36 people.
o Chair Yoga— exercised 9 times with 37 people.
o Lunch & Learn with Sue Hebel had 17 people.
o Make it Monday with Cheryl Floming had 8 people.
o Veterans Luncheon served 46 people.
o Friends had 8 people in decorating the library.
➢ Collaboration
o Riverdale Elementary School—read to 295 students in grades K, 1st
2nd & 3rd.
o Riverdale PreK program—Mrs. Olson and Ms. Hendrix brought their
76 PreK kids and 64 adults with them.
o Cordova Township—hosted 75 people for Senior Luncheon. Corp of
Engineers was the program
➢ Presentations
o Karen presented to River Cities Rotary. There were 22 Rotarians at
the meeting.
o Chalyn presented at Bethel Baptist’s Parents of Preschoolers meeting. There were 12 people present.
➢ Upcoming
o December 10th—Embroiders at 10am
o December 13th—Open House with Front Porch Pickers at 1:30pm
o December 24th—Library Closed
o December 27th—Do Your Own Thing at 9am
o December 30th—Noon Year’s Eve Party at 11:59am
o December 31st—Library Closed
o January 12th—Library Board Meeting at 9am
Mark your calendars for the Cordova Library Open House on
Tuesday, December 13th from 1-5pm.